Who we are

A company committed to innovative eco-friendly energy solutions.

We are a Belgium based company with a primary focus of reducing the demand for cutting down of trees and preserving the environment through our PANDA cookers. They are portable, smoke free, heat resistant, user friendly, efficient, with a 10 year user warranty.

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Our mission
We are committed to distributing eco-friendly high energy-efficient technology by use of our Panda Cookers
Our aim
We aim at improving the living standards of rural women groups in vulnerable African communities with high-yield grain seeds and improved farming methods.
We are readily available in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, South Sudan, Nigeria, Haiti and Ethiopia. View all our ojectives here; Objectives

First word

ALLGREEN aims at saving the environment and reducing the cutting down of trees. We have developed technology that is compatible with alternative cooking materials using maize cobs and briquettes from rice husks, coffee husks or saw dust; producing the same amount of energy like charcoal or firewood needed for cooking.

Country Director, Uganda

Where we work


We started by producing bio-oil from household waste in Belgium and later evolved into producing high energy effecient PANDA COOKERS plus MANTLE cookers. We started with family sized cookers into industrial sizes. These cookers are proved to offer 62% to 65% energy efficiency which is the highest energy efficiency in the world.

Because of the urgent need to reduce or stop the use of wood for cooking, we evolved into making briquettes from organic waste like maize cobs, sorghum husks, rice husks, saw dust and the like, which are readily available as waste in most parts of Africa.

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With one of the highest population composition of children below 15 years of school going age, there is a big opportunity to supply our PANDA COOKERS in numerous schools around the country so that they reduce their expenditure on fuel and reduce the cutting down of trees.

We plan to increase the crop farming projects in organized communities with selected seeds and modern farming methods for food processing and income generation.

Briquette making machines are needed to produce them from the farm waste and they will be sold to the public as an alternative to charcoal. We intend to build homes for women victims of gender-based-violence and widows, get each home a family panda or mantle cooker and employ the women in the farms for better living standards.

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In Kisumu we have 2 farm projects for growing for increased food production and income for HIV positive women groups and widows. So far we are working with 300 small scale women farmers using our high-yield seeds.

A big opportunity exists to finance schools around the country to use our PANDA COOKERS and reduce their expenditure on fuel and cutting down of trees.

Fresh fruit processing and packing is our focus areas in the Kenyan farm projects to improve nutrition. Improved machinery and training of farmers is readily available from Belgium, with more financial support, to help our farmers.

We intend to build homes for women victims of gender-based-violence, orphans and widows, get each home a family panda or mantle cooker and employ them in the farms for better living standards.

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A big opportunity exists to finance more schools around the country to acquire our PANDA COOKERS. Panda cookers are currently used in over 30 schools around the country and they have helped those schools reduce the demand for trees for firewood and reduced carbon emissions.

More opportunity lies in expanding our chicken farm project in Moshi which provides food and income generation for the project team. We are focusing on building homes for orphans and vulnerable old women, plus medical assistance to needy members of the community around our chicken farm.

Two model farms in Daresalaam and Njombe are in the pipeline with modern farming methods and technology plus modern food processing; providing local food production and employment for the locals.

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South Sudan

Every year hundreds of thousands of people need international help for supply of food in this region. With a good local organisation which we have already in the Torit area, we have achieved a lot by a relatively small investment through a local Agricultural Cooperative.

Local people are highly interested to start planting better and more profittable crops. We need more funding by well wishers to extend better farming equipment and technical training, to get started. This will help the South Sudan community of Torit produce more food locally instead of relying on imports.

We plan to extend the project to a cooperative farm with 1,000 families, each managing approx one hectare.

Our briquettes technology will provide alternative fuel for cooking as this is one of the biggest challenges.

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For the last 15 years we have maintained Lakdesa Community School with modern school facilities including internet (online) connectivity for online studies. The school presently has 400 children and 50 teachers but there is an opportunity to expand it to more than 700 children and 80 teachers, with additional funding. Some of the children were formerly sex slaves but the school transformed them and some have graduated already.

AllgreenEnergy also takes care of all the school needs including safe accommodation, decent meals, medical care and the teachers’ welfare plus some income generating projects.

In addition to the school, we are focusing on:

– Planting fruit trees on a large scale as land is readily available, to improve nutrition for the children and teachers plus a clean environment.

– Distributing low-cost mantle cookers to the teachers and panda cookers for the school to reduce tree cutting and reduce the carbon emissions

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Hour-long sessions focusing on the launch of new research, giving the author and audience…

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We plan to take care of repartriated refugees in Gambele refugee camp – north of Ethiopia consisting of 200,000 families with average 8 persons per family. Our planned projects are currently not operational due to insecurity. To resume when peace is restored in the country.

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