Who we are

Allgreen energy is a Belgium based company with a primary focus of preserving the environment demand for cutting down of trees. Our cookers are portable, easy to use and come with a 10-year warranty. In the near future, our plan is to make briquettes from maize cobs, sawdust, rice husks and coffee husks as alternative fuel sources instead of firewood and charcoal that are widely used in Tanzania. Read more

Our Mission
To be the leading innovator in eco-friendly renewal energy solutions in Africa and beyond by promoting the use of our Panda Stoves.
Why Panda Stoves
It is the safest and most efficient way of cooking as it saves the energy needed and it offers you solutions for all your cooking problems. They are suitable for both domestic and commercial use in sizes of 5/6, 13, 30, 60, 100 and 200 litres.
Our team is readily available to give you more information and demonstrations on appointments for the use of the PANDA cookers. We have operations in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and soon Nigeria. The cookers are readily available for installation at our clients’ premises in all our countries on a first-come-first-served basis. Institutions are encouraged to order and enjoy special packages and flexible payment plans.

First word

ALLGREEN is here to serve you with highly efficient cookers and to provide you with alternative sources of energy like briquettes made from organic wastes e.g rice husks, water hyacinth, saw dust e.t.e. We aim at saving the environment and reducing the cutting down of trees. The technology of the Panda cookers is designed to last longer and serve its purpose of being the most efficient technology of cooking in the world.

Country Director, Kenya

All about Panda Cookers

Explore our range of solutions

Whether home, school, hotel, organisation, we got you covered.
Panda for Homes

World over, energy consumption comes in handy for households. With panda stoves for home, each household has an opportunity to save the cost of energy used in cooking by a significant amount and at the same time contribute to energy consumption.

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Panda for Hotels

With the number of hotels in need of firewood for cooking, there is significant increase in the number of trees cut down to satisfy the increasing demand. It upon that background that Panda Stoves comes in – an affordable yet ecofriendly solution.

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Panda for schools

The primary source of energy for cooking in schools in Africa as well as other parts of the world is wood. This puts an increase in the demand of wood and number of trees cut down. It is for such reason that Panda Stoves was created with schools in mind. .

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Panda for organizations

Similar to hotels and schools, there are number of organizations whose primary means of cooking is firewood. It is upon that back ground that we created Panda Stoves as an affordable alternative energy solution for organizations as well. .

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Panda Cookers in pictures

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Areas of Operation

Currently, we are in operation in Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, and onboarding more countries.

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