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At ALLGREEN energy Africa saving the environment and reducing the cutting down of trees has always been our aim from time memorial. We have developed technology that is compatible with alternative cooking materials which produce the same amount of energy like charcoal or firewood needed for cooking.

Director, All green Energy NV
Our Mission
To spearhead the use of eco-friendly renewal energy solutions in Ethiopia and beyond by promoting the use of our Panda Stoves.
Our heart for Ethiopia
To break down renewable energy barriers in Ethiopia through the use of eco-friendly energy solutions for domestic and commercial use.
We are readily available in Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, and soon in Kenya. Our team is on standby to offer you more information on how PANDA cookers work.

Who we are

A company committed to innovative eco-friendly energy solutions.

We are a Belgium based company on a mission to reduce the demands on cutting down trees and preserving the environment through our renewable energy solutions in Ethiopia.


Restoring hope
in Gambele Refugee


Distributing Panda Cookers

Through our eco-friendly renewable energy solutions program, we plan to distribute 25.000 mantle cookers to camp authorities.

Repatriation of

We plan to take care of repatriated refugees in Gambele refugee camp – north of Ethiopia consisting of 200,000 families.

Production of Briquettes

Since alternative sources of income are key, we plan to finance briquette production for income generation for the refugees.

Procuring Briquette machines

We intend to procure 4 briquette making machines for 20,000 tons of briquettes production per year and supply of briquettes for 1 year.


AllGreen Ethiopian Agenda

We are deliberate about our efforts to pass on the message of renewable energy solutions to the masses as a way of equipping them for a better life.

Food security

We understand that food security is an important aspect to any developing state. We plan to use 500 hectares of land for food crop productions as well as crop rotation to ensure regular food supply.


Briquettes production

The world is changing constantly and so is how people use energy in our daily lives. For Ethiopia, ALLGREEN plans to plant a farm of 1,000 hectares to provide the needed biomass for briquettes production.

Partner with us,
as we support

If you believe in what we do and would like to get involved, thank you!