Our objectives

Objectives of developing PANDA COOKERS technology

  • To Stop using Charcoalfor cooking. This is because making one ton of charcoal you need approx 10 times more wood. Refer to 2009 World Bank report.
  • To reduce deforestation which causes soil erosion and migration due to climate change.
  • To use briquettes made from biomass like rice husks, dried corn cobs, etc which is renewable energy, so that people don’t need wood for cooking.
  • To reduce carbon (Co2) emissions in the environment.
  • Use durable cookers which last for more than 10 years and reduce household spending on cooking equipment and fuel.
  • To avoid smoke in kitchens as much as possible. A relief to cooks from long-term effects of exposure to smoke and fine dust in kitchens. This is because our Panda cookers (except mantle cooker) have chimneys to emit smoke to the open air.
  • To create employment for locals who operate the business locally, assemble cookers and produce briquettes, etc.
  • To reduce costs of cooking in comparison to alternative costs of LPG gas, electricity, paraffin, charcoal and firewood using ordinary stoves.
  • To convert the widely wasted stems and husks from various plants into briquettes for fuel for a cleaner environment.