The South Sudan Agenda

Our goal is to equip the South Sudan community with technical skills in saving energy and improving food production locally.

Farming in South Sudan

Because farming plays a crucial role in the life of an economy, We plan to cultivate 70% of the land which will help for the supply of food. This will be through a local Agricultural Cooperative.

Briquettes making

Since the responsibility of conserving a country's basic resources rests with us, from the straw we will make briquettes to avoid use of charcoal as with other countries. These will be used during cooking.

Distribution of Panda cookers

To mitigate the high costs of fuel in the region, we plan to distribute a Panda cookers per family in the Torit re-settlement camp. This will help reduce deforestation and soil erosion and also save carbon emissions.

Supporting returning refugees

Considering the big number of returning refugees, we aim at equipping the South Sudan Torit re-settlement camp community with technical skills in saving energy and improving food production locally. This is in partnership with the local government, without whom it would not be possible

Building and
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South Sudan


Renewable energy

Electricity and diesel are imported which makes them costly hence with the introduction of briquettes, there will be a reduction in the demand for electricity.


By supporting local food production, it will create local jobs and industrial activity for the S.Sudanese people especially since the population is low.


We plan to establish a technical school to train mechanics, electricians, drivers, construction workers, plumbers etc which skills are scarce in the area.

Crop Production

Our focus is to help the country produce more food by establishing a cooperative farm for 1,000 families each managing approximately one hectare.


Areas of Operation

Currently, we are in operation in Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, and onboarding more countries.

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If you believe in what we do and would like to get involved, thank you!